Technical experts, big team players_

Inaka launched in 2008, when our founder Chad DePue started a US consulting group with development resources in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In August 2014, Inaka joined forces with Erlang Solutions Inc. and is now wholly owned and operated by Erlang Solutions Inc. - a Washington State corporation and subsidiary of Erlang Solutions Ltd ( - a London based multinational corporation with offices across Europe and the Americas.

We are experts in bootstrapping; we take a startup idea and build it to "minimum viable product", before the client team takes over. We help clients launch quickly, with a codebase that can grow with them and their business. We train and grow a team as needed, or we work alongside an existing team, each time depending on the client and the specific project.

We build solutions that really last. We reuse technology where it makes sense. This helps projects to go faster, with coding that is more reliable, a schedule that is easier to predict and a budget into which we can pack more value.

If you would like to discuss a possible project with us, or would simply like to know more, we would love to hear from you.

Familiar faces_

We believe one of the most important skills a developer can have is empathy. Technology is full of people who are more comfortable coding than understanding their customer. It's not enough to just take the hottest technology and use it because it's popular - you have to know how customers will interact with software long after the project is complete. We think through user stories, we plan for future versions, we decide what needs to be built now and what can wait until more is known about the end-user.

We work in teams with our clients, creating a specific team at inaka, based upon the needs of a particular project, or in some specific cases we will physically sit within a client team; the solution depends on each client and their needs.

If you would like to discuss a possible project with us, or would simply like to know more, we would love to hear from you.

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Technically brilliant skills_

We design products around your business strategy and have worked with numerous startups and large enterprises.

We understand Carrier Grade Infrastructure, ISO-9001, HIPAA, FIPS certification, and more. We have experience in both proving new technologies in demanding environments, and in picking an older technology because the ultimate owner of the code is focused on a homogeneous environment.

  • Programming: Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, AngularJS, ReactJS
  • Dbs: Riak, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, Elastic-Search
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web