iOS App Development

Enterprise iOS App Development

Inaka has built and released dozens of iOS apps to the Apple iTunes Store. We have experience implementing in-app purchases, push notifications, Facebook and Twitter integrations, video streams, video broadcast, synchronization of video content, on-line education, audio and video watermark detection, location-based services, real-time chat, and more.

We have experience deploying apps for all of the devices across the Apple family, including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Mac.

In addition to having extensive knowledge and experience working with the Apple platform, our mobile development team is intimately familiar with the iPhone SDK, Objective C, X Code, ShareKit, GPS and Core Location Framework, Core Animation, and more.

Millions of users download and use our iOS apps daily. We have a dedicated team to design and build your app. Contact Us.

Interested in the details of our code? Send us your GitHub ID and we’ll add you to our code sample repo.


  • Application Design, Development, and ongoing Support
  • Port an existing Android app to iOS
  • Designing iOS Test Plans
  • Augmented Reality platforms like String and Kooaba
  • Augmented Staffing - Where we work with your existing iOS team

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