Erlang Development

Erlang Systems Development

Inaka has a proven track record of developing efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant server solutions based on the Erlang/OTP platform.

We have experience building web servers, administration sites, messaging systems with real-time chat, push notifications, Facebook and Twitter integrations, location-based services, load testing and more.

We are strong advocates using of Behaviour and Test Driven Development (BDD and TDD) and Continuous Integration to deliver the best possible product and believe in relentless refactoring to eliminate deficiencies. Our insistence that all consultants work on both internal and external projects ensures that we maintain a high level of expertise.

We act as trusted advisors to our clients and often consult using a team augmentation model in order to transfer our knowledge of tooling and best practice into our client’s delivery and operational teams.

We have a dedicated team to design and build your app. Contact Us.


  • Application Design, Development, and ongoing Support
  • Augmented Staffing - Where we work with your existing team
  • Training - Where we pass on the knowledge needed to maintain and grow the product

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