iOS app, Android app, Angular.js


About SQOR

Sqor Sports is a sports social network working with 200+ current and former athletes across all major sports. By making connections with fans they boost brand awareness, promote new project launches, and drive sales growth mainly via a web and mobile front end and a robust backend.


Sqor came to Inaka and Erlang Solutions looking for a team to fortify their legacy apps and servers. They had projected large growth that wasn’t possible with their current architecture. With the help of ESL and Inaka working as skilled team members we were able to fortify the current architecture, replace unnecessary code and features that were slowing them down, implement best practices around tests, pull requests, and speccing, build an Android app and a backend chat functionality from scratch, transitioned their entire iOS app from C# to Swift with the inclusion of a new chat feature, and implement advanced technical components to construct the solid architecture Sqor needed to scale quickly and continue to succeed as a dynamic high growth organization.


All communication was managed between a team of 24 local experts (13 from Inaka and ESL) across 3 different timezones using a coherent communication system and well managed tools to harmonize flow of tasks and achieve project milestones on time and on budget.

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