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Erlang REST Server Stack

A description of our usual stack for building REST servers in Erlang

Sep 06 2016 : Brujo Benavides

Introducing Dayron - The Elixir REST client you've always wanted

Meet our library to interact with RESTful APIs in your Elixir Applications.

May 24 2016 : Flavio Granero

Meet Jayme

Your best friend when it comes to abstract server interconnections in Swift

May 09 2016 : Pablo Villar

Cowboy Swagger

Swagger integration for Cowboy

Aug 19 2015 : Carlos Andres Bolaños

Get your Swagger on

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Jun 23 2015 : Iñaki Garay

Implementing a simple Rest Client in Android

How to create a simple Rest Client in Android

May 19 2014 : Henrique Boregio

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