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Using Jayme to connect to the new MongooseIM REST services

MongooseIM has RESTful services!! Here I show how you can use them in an iOS application.

Dec 13 2016 : Sergio Abraham

20 Questions, or Maybe a Few More

20 Questions, or Maybe a Few More

Nov 16 2016 : Stephanie Goldner

Finding the right partner for your app build

Sharing some light on how it is to partner with us.

Oct 27 2016 : Inaka

Function Naming In Swift 3

How to write clear function signatures, yet expressive, while following Swift 3 API design guidelines.

Sep 16 2016 : Pablo Villar


Three Open Source Projects, one App

Jun 28 2016 : Andrés Gerace


The best image projector ever. Period.

May 18 2016 : The Gera

Meet Jayme

Your best friend when it comes to abstract server interconnections in Swift

May 09 2016 : Pablo Villar

5 Critical Lessons of App Building

While most may think that the meat of building an app is in the development, we’ve found that a large part of a successful project is the work done up front.

Feb 29 2016 : Stephanie Goldner

Dealing with Optionals in ViewControllers

The right way to declare your variables

Dec 18 2015 : Pablo Villar

Server Sent Events (SSE): EventSource implementation on Swift.

An extremely simple Swift library that implements EventSource API (Server Sent Events SSE).

May 28 2015 : Andres Canal

Galgo iOS Library

An iOS library to display logs as on screen overlays.

Feb 10 2015 : Andres Canal

The Fork Workflow in iOS

A clear way to apply modifications to your project dependencies

Sep 19 2014 : Pablo Villar

Getting the right colors in your iOS app

How to keep consistence when picking and applying colors

Sep 05 2014 : Pablo Villar


IKJayma: A simple iOS Networking Library

Jul 21 2014 : Tom Ryan

iOS Auto Layout

A review of Apple's Auto Layout technology

Aug 23 2013 : German Azcona

Core Data One-Way Relationships

Common design patterns in iOS applications

Mar 06 2013 : Tom Ryan

Memory Management Changes in iOS 5

A review of Apple's new ARC technology

Sep 05 2011 : German Azcona

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