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Finding the right partner for your app build

Inaka wrote this on October 27, 2016 under android, app, inaka, ios, work .

You need to build a killer mobile or web app, but you just don't have enough people or expertise to deliver on time and on budget. So you outsource to an external team of developers...

Things can go well, or not so well, but there are always hurdles on the way. Tell us what's most important for you when outsourcing app building HERE, and read on what we value most when we work with our partners on web or mobile app building.

Inaka blog post!

What we VALUE

Experts Available

We have been around for a while and can provide the expertise you need to build powerful, engaging apps that will amaze your clients and their users alike. Even if you have people with app/web development skills on staff, you may wish to bring in proven experts those large clients with high expectations around time to market and scalability.

Supercharge Your Team

When you partner with us, you’re not hiring just one person — you’re hiring an entire company. That means you get access to everyone’s skills, all of which can be applied to your clients’ projects.

Marketing and design alone aren’t enough, you also need experienced architects, engineers (front and back-end), and software PMs to help craft a great app. By partnering with us, you give your team the cross-functional skillsets needed to transform a vision, UX, and/or idea into a success.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Partnering with us can cost less than hiring a dedicated employee, and you get more bang for your buck. We follow time-tested best practices and proven processes so your clients’ projects flow smoothly through to completion.

Our experts are also co-located in your timezones, making collaboration within the project team far better than traditional APAC outsourcing.


As with any partnership, accountability is key, and we want to retain your business after earning it. Building a long-term relationship with us will help ensure transparency, predictability and continued success for you and your clients.

Over time, you will also find that as a partner, we continually provide fresh perspectives, new ideas, and expertise with the industry's latest technologies.

Reduces Team Pressure

Partnering with us also makes sense if your team is simply spread too thin. You may have too many projects to handle properly this quarter or next, but not quite enough to justify hiring more employees. Let us take some of the pressure off your employees and help you better manage capacity.

Helps Your Team Evolve

We play an active role in the community by offering numerous open source project contributions, talks at events, blog posts, R&D work, and training courses. We are experts at providing knowledge transfers which in turn help you ramp up and develop your own teams. We are also curious and eager learners ourselves absorbing knowledge whenever and wherever we can.


Where are your offices?

Our offices are located worldwide. Americas: San Francisco, Seattle, Buenos Aires. EMEA: London, Stockholm, Budapest, and Krakow. Sometimes our offices are your offices when there is a need for onsite help.

Can you handle my project?

With a well defined scope of work and a clear vision for your project, our team is able to not only quote a price and timeline, but we can also provide a guaranteed of delivery success.

Can I trust you with my idea/project/client?

This is important to us as well. Trust is a fundamental value in our organization. We only hire and retain trustworthy staff, and we make sure they are all well versed in how to properly handle sensitive information.

From a legal standpoint, we maintain individual NDAs with all our staff and are happy to put one in place with you (using yours or ours) so that your idea/project/client is well protected.

Where can I see your previous work?

Check out our websites, open source contributions, existing success cases, or give us a small piece of work to test out our work style.

I’ve had a negative outsourcing experience before. Why would I do it again?

There is nothing worse than getting burned by a vendor/developer. Have you ever run into a situation where you request one thing of your developer and then later realize that it just doesn’t work for you (or your client)? To make matters worse, you sometimes had to pay again to get things fixed… Working with us is a partnership, not a pay and pray. Since we guarantee results, we do a lot of work up front to really understand the project’s goals and needs. We’re fully accountable for our errors and as partners, we expect the same from you.

Last thing I need is have to manage developers that are remote! I want less on my plate and yet you want me to put more on?

We understand, that is why we provide both account management (your personal advocate) and project management (proven PMs using the best of collaboration platforms with the team) to keep your plate reasonable!

Can you provide references?

Sure thing. We have all kinds of satisfied customers who would be happy to provide references and testimonials about our capabilities.