Android App Development

Enterprise Android App Development

Inaka has built and released dozens of Android apps to the Google Play Store. We have experience dealing with in-app payments, audio streams, augmented reality, video streams, broadcasting video, synchronization of video content, on-line education, audio and video watermark detection, and more.

We have experience deploying apps on hundreds of different models of Android devices. One of our apps has over 400 different devices running the app - from a Galaxy Note to an Alcatel One Touch - a device with a giant screen and no keys to a device with a physical keyboard.

Building reactive designs that expand to deal with layout changes across different devices is just one part of Android development: Dealing with animations and transitions and minimizing memory & CPU are as important as design and layout to make an app satisfying to the user.

We have millions of users on our Android apps daily and have a dedicated team to design and build your app. Contact Us.


  • Application Design, Development, and ongoing Support
  • Port an existing iPhone or iPad app to Android
  • Designing Android Test Plans
  • Augmented Reality platforms like String and Kooaba
  • Augmented Staffing - Where we work with your existing Android team

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