At first sight, we might seem like just another ‘app building shop’ out there. It’s true, we do offer similar services and technologies. But what makes us stronger than the rest? We have a solid base of clients and a core team of highly skilled developers backed up by expertise from Erlang Solutions - our parent company. Erlang Solutions has over 20 years of experience building lightweight, fault tolerant systems for the likes of WhatsApp, T-Mobile, Bleacher Report, Machine Zone and EE.

As part of this worldwide team, we access a higher level of in-depth expertise and human resources few other mobile and web app development companies can boast. And we will put it all to work for you!

Inaka was founded in 2008 by Chad DePue, current Director of Engineering at Snapchat and former CTO and Seed Investor at Whisper. In 2014 we were acquired by Erlang Solutions therefore our team of 30 people based in Buenos Aires has joined forces with the global team of over 150 people. Together we are stronger to take your mobile and web apps to the next level. Challenge us!


We know it’s not easy. Companies looking to outsource software development have to navigate between expensive Google/cloud providers and cost-cutting freelancers who charge less but don't offer any guidance.

We are the balance you’re looking for. We might not have an uber-cool website with 3D rockets, but we do know our tech. And we won’t give you code monkeys but true technical expertise and consultancy to make sure you get:

  • the highest quality web or mobile app or back-end solution
  • aligned with your business strategy
  • on time and on budget.

We rock it in 1-2-3 steps:

  • We work with global creative agencies to quickly launch a web or mobile app to market or to improve the user experience, engagement, retention and number of users of an already existing app. Our collaboration makes more sense, in such a partnership with agencies we become greater than the sum of our parts alone.
  • Based upon the needs of each particular project, we form a task force of developers and project manager that embeds within your team. The task force will work from our office or will physically sit at your location.
  • One of the most important feature of software development is understanding how the end users will interact with the software - long after the project is complete. So we will think through user stories, plan for future versions, decide what needs to be built now and what can wait until more is known about the end-user.

MVP. We also have wide experience in bootstrapping. We can take your startup idea and build it to "minimum viable product" before your team takes over. We can help you launch quickly, with a codebase that can grow with you and your business.

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Technically brilliant skills

Our purpose is to build solutions that really last. We reuse technology where it makes sense, which helps projects go faster, with coding that is more reliable, a schedule that is easier to predict and a budget into which we can pack more value. But we are also fast to explore and adopt emerging tech and we are active contributors to the open source community. We are fluent in the following technologies:

Mobile app development

  • Android
  • iOS
  • SWIFT 3
  • Android SDK + Java
  • Responsive apps with REACT Native

Web application development

  • responsive websites
  • html5/css3
  • Angularjs
  • REACTjs

Cloud (AWS, Azure, heroku) or On prem

Services: web services, business logic, data stores

Web services: Ruby, Erlang, Elixir based

Business Logic: Ruby/Erlang, lambda

Data stores:

SQL relational databases MS SQL, Postgres, MySQL, RDS (any flavor) NoSql key/value stores RIAK, CouchDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, SQL Azure

  • SQL relational databases MS SQL, Postgres, MySQL, RDS (any flavor)
  • NoSql key/value stores RIAK, CouchDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, SQL Azure


  • MongooseIM
  • iMessage
  • Twilio
  • Layer

We also understand Carrier Grade Infrastructure, ISO-9001, HIPAA and FIPS certification. Take a look at our open source projects here.